How to configure Ter.

Ter reads a JSON configuration file at .ter/config.json before building a site.

Alternative location can be specified with with the --config CLI flag. If the file does not exist, Ter will create it with default options on first build.


Key Description
title Title of your site.
description Description of your site.
url Published URL address of your site.
rootCrumb Label used for root crumb label (default: "index").
authorName Your name.
authorEmail Your email.
authorUrl Your home page.
lang Optional. Locale used for formatting dates.
codeHighlight Optional. Use syntax highlighting in code blocks (default: false).
head Optional. String to inject at the bottom of <head> tag.


  "title": "Your Blog Name",
  "description": "I am writing about my experiences as a naval navel-gazer",
  "url": "",
  "rootCrumb": "index",
  "authorName": "Your Name Here",
  "authorEmail": "",
  "authorUrl": "",
  "lang": "en",
  "codeHighlight": true,
  "head": "<script src='' id='XXXXXXXX'></script>"